Cellador & Japanese Food
12:00 PM12:00

Cellador & Japanese Food

Cellador drafts will be:
Moon Water - Blend of young and old wild ales with pomace from malbec wine grapes that were spontaneously fermented in open top puncheons
Clockworks - Barrel aged wild Saison blend w/ Valencia Orange zest and Cardamom
Famille - Simple Oat Saison Fermented and aged in oak barrels
with Cellador's house mixed cultures
Mellona - Barrel aged wild ale w/ Blueberry Blossom Honey

And Japanese food by i-naba

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Modern Times Nelson Over Everything
5:00 PM17:00

Modern Times Nelson Over Everything

From Modern Times: NELSON LOVERS, REJOICE! We have managed to secure mountains of the freshest, stickiest Nelson hops that New Zealand has to offer, and you will be reaping the dank, delicious benefits for months to come. We’re celebrating this hard-won windfall of lupulin-laden treasures with a boatload of killer parties all over our distribution areas through September & early October. Expect an all-star list of our most Nelson-tastic creations, inlcuding Double Dry-Hopped Blam Blam, Blazing World, Space Ways, Dymaxion, & more, as well as an overwhelming abundance of good vibes. 

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